Michael Ealy Review: From Broke to Millions Multifamily Program?

It’s not on the novice investor’s mind to buy multifamily housing, or hotel units, for that matter.

And so, they seek information and guidance on how to go about investing in multifamily properties.

The first thing you need to know is that multi-unit real estate differs from some of the more conventional real estate sectors. For one, you’ll need to bring in additional hands or take a commercial loan to secure a property. Plus, knowing how to analyze a property deal is one of the key integrations for success in the multifamily real estate industry.

To help beginners navigate this property type successfully, guys like Michael Ealy offer resources that cover the moving parts of multifamily investing (or, at least, they claim so).

Michael (nickname Mike) is best known for being the CEO of Nassau Investments, a private equity firm in Cincinnati specializing in apartment complexes and value chain hotels. But you might come across his name when searching for multifamily mentors/trainers. What resources does Michael offer, and are they any good for aspiring real estate investors?

In this Michael Ealy review, I’ll share everything I could find about Michael and his broke to millions journey. I took a detailed look at Michael’s resources and scoured the web to learn how he has positioned himself. Read on for interesting finds on Michael’s apartment and hotel investing world.

Michael Ealy Program

The Nassau Investments website was the first thing that popped up when I searched for Michael Ealy’s reviews on Google. The site has four sections, with the first one dedicated to answering the why behind multifamily investing.

Michael Ealy Program

The second section is where I thought the meat would be, but one of the submenus didn’t work and the other one redirected me to Michael’s podcasts:

Michael’s multifamily investing podcasts

So, Mike frequently appears on podcasts. Noice!

The third section is meant for investors working with Michael’s company. The fourth section is the blog where Michael publishes content around hotel and apartment investing.

Apart from blog posts, the fourth section also contains the resources Michael offers to help people get started with multifamily investing. I decided to check all of them out, as I was really curious about the presentation and contents.

The first in line was the “From Broke to Millions” book. Michael has done a great job at marketing this book, but I couldn’t find any reviews for it. Also, the book is presented on a Clickfunnels sales page, which does not give the best first impression.

hotel and apartment investing

I know, right?

Michael also offers a video presentation on how to make seven figures with apartments. The first slide contains bold claims related to retiring by investing in big multifamily deals. From my experience, only a small portion of investors think about retiring after they’ve profited from multi-unit investing.

Michael Ealy Alternative for Multifamily Investing

Michael Ealy might be well-known in the multifamily real estate sector, but it’s always good to learn about Michael Ealy alternatives because his resources might not be the right fit for you.

Better Alternatives to Michael Ealy’s Course?

One great alternative is the Multifamily Kickstart Investing Course. The course is a comprehensive 11-week program designed by me and my team at Myers Methods of Investing. Going through its contents will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make your first deal, plus instant access to our private Facebook group.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the course. This means if you learn and implement the right techniques, but still struggle to land a good deal, contact us for a refund.