Mark Kenny Think Multifamily Review

Many people consider multifamily investing but find themselves at a loss.

Which deal should I close? Where should I find partners for syndication? These are some of the questions they struggle to find answers to.

Then, they quit before even trying despite this being a great time to invest in multifamily real estate.

Mark Kenny, the co-founder of Think Multifamily, wants to help you stay put. Through his multifamily acquisition and education company, he wants to ensure people take hold of their financial future by getting ‘life-altering syndication training.

Mark also organizes events like The Fire Summit to help aspiring multifamily syndicators go big fast. Through a ‘game-changing’ shortcut, his students can solve the challenges associated with multifamily property investing.

Life-altering. Game-changing.

These two prompted me to dig deep into Mark’s multifamily world. Essentially, I wanted to learn how effective Mark’s programs are and what other people think about his company and training.

Below is my Mark Kenny review based on what I could find about him and his company.

Mark Kenny’s Program

Mark offers several training programs to help you level up in the multifamily investment sector. However, there’s a price tag associated with most of his resources—that’s fine, but there’s no solid claim of money-back guarantee should the fail to make an impact.

Also, Mark uses the old bundling technique to make it look like you’re getting a great deal. For instance, here’s what he offers in the Think Multifamily Apartment Investing Blueprint:

Think Multifamily Apartment Investing Blueprint

You’ll also see additional resources packaged into Mark’s one-on-one coaching program. Speaking of which, Mark gives the notion that his coaching can get you on track to retire in five years (where have I heard this before? Oh wait, almost every multifamily coach sells the 5-year retirement dream.). You’ll also find a testimonial on his coaching page offering social proof.

coaching program testimonial

We believe you Patrick 😉

Additionally, Mark organizes events and hosts workshops for those interested in achieving financial freedom via multifamily investing.

That’s all for the resources—now let’s see what people think about Mark Kenny’s courses and training.

What People Say About Think Multifamily with Mark Kenny

There aren’t many reviews about how effective Mark’s programs are at helping people get better at multifamily investing. But I managed to find some on BiggerPockets, a popular real state forum where both investors and trainers hang out.

BiggerPockets forum

As I mentioned earlier, Mark’s resources (except his podcasts) have a price tag…and it’s no pocket change.

Another person who’s probably a Think Multifamily student said this:

Think Multifamily testimonial

This reflects better on Mark and his company but indicates that gaining access to a partner is the main attraction of joining the Think Multifamily group. But how does it empower beginners to get better at investing? I’m not sure.

Better Alternatives to Mark Kenny’s Multifamily Investing Knowledge?

If you’re looking to learn multifamily investing and pursue deals yourself, you might be better off with Mark Kenny alternatives that focus on knowledge sharing than selling high-priced coaching.

One alternative is the Multifamily Kickstart Investing Course. It comprises 11 weeks of video training, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A new module is delivered each week, along with homework to help you tie it all together and make it work for you.

Joining the course also gives you access to me and our entire community at Myers Methods of Multifamily investing (through our Private Facebook Group). Unlike other programs, this course will equip you with more knowledge about multifamily investing than most individuals out there doing it.