Through This Little-Known Property Investing Strategy

You Can Achieve Financial Freedom

11 – Week Training on Multifamily Investing

The Smartest Property Investment You Can Make

We make our money by investing, not through selling courses. We’ve seen how much opportunity there is, and we’re not afraid of letting you join us. We want you to join us. That’s the only reason I’m telling you about this.

Currently, my team and I own five complexes, a total of 90 doors, and a combined 48 years of experience in investing. We do it. We teach it. We practice what we preach and our students get results.

Financial Freedom through Multifamily Investing

This Is Your Chance to Have the Same Opportunity

I got tired of all the bad advice and wanted to put something together to get you the results you deserve. You want certainty when you invest. You need knowledge of what to look out for when investing. You should be able to get in without having to already be rich. All these things are possible and I’m ready to give them to you.

11 – Week Multifamily Kickstart Course

How it Works

It’s an in-depth 11-week training, brought to you by me and my team over at Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing.

You’ll get a new video module each week, accompanied by some homework to tie it all together and make it real for you. You also get instant access to me, my team, and our entire community, via our private Facebook group.

In less than three months, you’ll have more knowledge of multifamily investing than most people out there doing it. The knowledge you’ll possess will be more valuable than any amount of money you could bring to the table. All you have to do is get started today.

Financial Freedom through Multifamily Investing
Multifamily Investing

The choice is yours.

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing; working for money instead of having your money work for you. You can keep consuming piecemeal information for free on the internet. You can let lack of certainty keep you from ever taking action.

Or, you can invest in yourself. You can get educated and enter into deals with confidence. You can make a difference for your community, your family, and your future.

Get started today and get ready for a better tomorrow

Introducing the Multifamily Kickstart Investing Course

Get 11 weeks of video training, along with our thirty-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’re getting the best education on the subject for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund your money.

If you take the course, get the information, do the work required, and you can’t get a deal, let us know and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to:

  • How net worth impacts your investor status
  • Three books you should be reading at least twice a year
  • How to determine your net worth (and improve it)
  • Common misconceptions about net worth that hold most investors back
  • Why multi-family units are the best place to invest in any economy
  • What the bank wants to see before the loan you a penny
  • What all the gurus get wrong about A-class properties
  • Three living expenses you must have in check before you start investing
  • One major misconception about workforce housing that could be costing you money
  • Five reasons why buying single-family homes is the worst retirement strategy
  • How globalism is revolutionizing the multi-family housing market
  • How to get investors excited about partnering with you
  • The biggest reason most people lose money when investing in multi-family units (and what to do instead)
  • The top three markets driving up demand for multifamily units
  • The perfect rent-to-expenses ratio that lets you maximize profit without being a slumlord
  • The three best kinds of investors to partner with (and who you never want to partner with)
  • Hidden dangers of local geography that most people never consider until it’s too late
  • How to spot subtle clues a property will cost you more than it will earn
  • Why you should NEVER invest in single bedroom/single bathroom units
  • Warning signs that a broker is shady and should be avoided
  • How to save thousands of dollars on plumbing costs per year
  • The two best ways to contact a property’s current owner
  • Why buying discount units is a waste of time and money
  • How to determine a property’s profitability before you invest
  • How we keep occupancy rates at over 85%
  • How to make your units a priority for your property manager
  • How to know when an interest rate is too high
  • One major thing to watch out for when reviewing a property’s current owner’s finances
  • The real reason you should never pay utilities for your tenants (no, it has nothing to do with greed)
  • The best podcasts about investing that you need to be listening to
  • The best places to build your investing network
  • 11 hidden expenses you must prepare for before investing
  • Why the most popular networking sites are a total waste of your time and effort
  • Five key indicators a run-down property is ripe for profits
  • Why a good relationship with your property manager is a must
  • Three sure-fire ways to grab the attention of a property owner
  • Why you should never contact the property manager of a property you’re interested in
  • Two negotiating tactics you must know when making an offer
  • Proof that all property databases are not created equally
  • One piece of information you should never disclose when looking for financing
  • The most important collection and expense numbers you need to know before investing
  • The biggest long-term expense most people never even think of
  • Why late rent isn’t always a bad thing and leases aren’t always good
  • The only cash flow formula you should use to determine a property’s profitability
  • A complete walk-through on how to get the best deal through seller financing
  • The 12 terms you need to master if you want to be taken seriously as an investor
  • Why direct mail and cold calling are still the best ways to find the hottest deals
  • 13 hidden fees that will eat up your profits if you’re not careful
  • Nine simple ways to drive up the value of your units
  • When (and when not) to pre-lease out a unit
  • Three ways to instantly reduce your expenses as a property owner
  • How to avoid buying a bad property
  • How to avoid the legal risks of raising money the wrong way
  • How to turn the banker into your best friend
  • Three automated systems you must have in place to maximize property management efficiency
  • How existing leases affect your investment
  • Three statistics to always include in your business plan
  • How to handle pet owners and avoid the high maintenance costs they bring with them
  • Seven contracts you need to know about before buying or investing
  • The number one quality to look for in a good property manager
  • How to protect yourself from the five most common forms of property damage caused by renters
  • One sneaky way your property manager might be costing you money (and how to put an end to it)
  • How to drastically reduce what you pay on a property
  • Five key points to address in every cold call
  • The hidden danger of raising capital through other investors
  • Six subtle clues that tell you an owner is ready to sell
  • What to do when a property doesn’t pay out right away
  • How to avoid payment standoffs with pre-existing tenants
  • What to do with problem tenants
  • How to deal with delinquent renters
  • How to increase rents without losing renters
  • How to replace bad tenants with good ones
  • One no-nonsense way to keep your property manager honest about their expenses
  • Why weekly meetings with your property manager are a must
  • Three ways to keep your property manager loyal to you and your best interests
  • The pros and cons of each legal entity you can invest as (and the rights and responsibilities of each)
  • How to avoid the legal risks of raising money the wrong way
  • How to keep your properties over-performing
  • How to cash out on your properties when the time comes
  • The biggest lie told by most of the gurus (and how to avoid falling victim to it)
  • How interest rates can affect your refi
  • Why patience is a must when selling a property
  • One little-known networking tip for finding the best deals in your area
  • How to price your properties when selling
  • Seven things to have in order before an appraisal
  • Subconscious messages you don’t even realize you’re sending that could make or break your deal
  • Seven simple lifestyle changes that will align the universe to start sending you the best deals
  • How occupancy rates may affect your price
  • Why goal-orientated people struggle the most when it comes to investing (and how to overcome it)
  • The Number One quality to look for in a good broker
  • How to determine what you should pay your property manager
  • 12 quick fixes that instantly raise a property’s value
  • Unexpected costs to watch out for when purchasing a property
  • The best time of year to sell
  • And a lot more…

What we teach works. It’s what we do and we stand behind it.

Get started today and and get ready for a better tomorrow.