Dave Lindahl Scam? Real Estate Program Review

In the current climate of economic uncertainty, people are looking for anything to give them a jump start towards financial stability. Multifamily property investing is one opportunity that has gotten individuals excited with the promise of stable returns. However, multifamily is such a dynamic concept that many are seeking guidance on how to proceed.

Enter David Lindhal, a real estate investor running an online academy for multifamily investment training. Called RE Mentor, David’s academy features the following text on the homepage of its website:

David Lindahl real estate program

But is it really possible to make enough money with multifamily investing to retire comfortably? Yes…but not without the right training. Plus, few want to retire after cracking the code of securing the best deals.

David Lindahl Program

You’ll see a Learn More button below the text, clicking which opens up another page where David talks about the free training he’s offering. It’s basically a 5-part video series covering the fundamentals of apartment investing.

Dave Lindahl investing in apartments

As you can see, the contents of the video series are all pearls of wisdom, and it doesn’t seem like David will cover anything “actionable” in the training. Possible reason? He wants you to sign up for more bus tours, i.e., his better, paid trainings.

One of his popular trainings is Multi Family Millions. This is a live, 3-day boot camp is designed to help you:

  • Overcome your fears of owning multifamily real estate
  • Invest wisely and profitably
  • Avoid tenants except when you deposit their checks into your bank account

The course description ends with David saying you will leave the event a multi-family investing property expert.

Is David Lindahl a scam?

The minute I hear the word “expert” my alarm bells go off. It makes it sound like it’s easy to become proficient at multifamily investing. It’s not—it takes a lot of trial and error to reach the stage where you start getting a decent return on your investments. Only after spending several years investing and growing your portfolio can you call yourself an expert—or not— because multifamily is gradual learning.

Still, I was curious about David Lindahl’s reviews and whether people have actually benefitted from this boot camp and educational courses. So I dug further.

What People Are Saying About David Lindahl

After surfing for 5-10 minutes, I came across a couple of sites talking about David Lindahl’s RE Mentor venture and bootcamp.

One is a review site, where RE Mentor has 4 stars out of a possible 5 based on 258 reviews. There are lots of positive comments here, but some negative ones too.

RE Mentor reviews

Ah, the age-old tactic of asking people to advanced sessions, or go home.

I also came across some feedback left by those who’ve likely taken the Multi Family Millions course. Here are some snapshots:

David Lindhal Multi Family Millions course

Multi Family Millions course

Food for thought maybe?

Becoming A So-Called Expert vs Acquiring Real Multifamily Investment Skills

David Lindahl has multiple programs to help you with multifamily investing, but it seems that he doesn’t give much away unless you sign up for his advanced courses. Also, no one said that David helps you take action, so you’d still need to find a way to make your first deal. Fortunately, though, you can always go with David Lindahl alternatives.

Better Alternatives to David Lindahl’s Course?

If you’re serious about multifamily investing, why not try the Multifamily Kickstart Investing Course? It’s a great alternative to RE Mentor with in-depth 11-week training sessions. Subscribing to the course will give you the push and knowledge you need to make your first deal, plus instant access to Jerome’s team at Myers Methods of Multifamily and me investing. You can also join our private Facebook group to discuss syndication and other multifamily stuff with others. The best part? The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll, learn the strategies, apply them, and still struggle to make a deal, contact us for a refund—we’re sure you won’t need to. Click now to take your first step to success.