Brad Sumrok Review: Multifamily Coaching and Apartment Investing Program?

Apartment buildings and multifamily properties are the hottest real estate investing opportunities today. However, they’re completely different from conventional properties and require a specific level of knowledge to get right. It could take years of trial and error to gain the experience necessary to profit from multifamily investing.

The good news? You could always seek multifamily coaching to learn tips and strategies that can help you land better deals and build a portfolio of multi-unit complexes and apartments.

Brad Sumrock Program

Brad Sumrok is one name you’re likely to come across as you search up multifamily coaching and mentorship. Brad offers advice and training through online courses, live events, and personal mentoring. His unique selling points? See for yourself:

Brad Sumrok multifamily coaching

multifamily coaching and mentorship

Retire in 5 years or less. Become financially free earlier than you planned. Learn how to 10x returns by syndicating deals.

Bold claims, Brad, bold claims.

While I know that multifamily syndications can give you hefty returns, 10x can be a stretch for a beginner investor. Plus, what if they have planned to become financially free in the upcoming six months?

In this Brad Sumrock review, I’ll cover what people think about apartment investor mastery and multifamily coaching programs. Many of these individuals have attended Brad’s training or interacted with him in some way. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be clear on whether Brad’s programs are worth the investment or it’s better to seek an alternative.

What People Think About Brad’s Multifamily Coaching and Other Programs

It’s hard to find reviews about Brad’s multifamily programs, except the ones present on his own website and social media channels.

But I managed to find some on BiggerPockets, a forum where people share their true experiences about multifamily coaching programs and mentorship.

Brad’s multifamily programs

This reviewer highlights Brad’s former coaching, where Brad and a family wanted him to invest in multifamily apartments with them. However, he wasn’t convinced by what he said and chose not to participate.

Brad personal mentorship review

Another reviewer feels that Brad is overcharging for personal mentorship and video courses. Plus, Brad has a set minimum amount for getting involved in apartment investing. All of this indicates that Brad is more interested in selling his training than the outcome.

Better Alternatives to Brad Sumrock’s Course?

Brad Sumrok has several programs for aspiring real estate investors, but it’s always good to know about Brad Sumrok alternatives.

One great alternative is the Multifamily Kickstart Investing Course. An 11-week comprehensive training, it contains all the information you need to make your first deal, plus instant access to Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing. Moreover, you’ll get access to our private Facebook community, where things like joint ventures and syndication are common themes for discussion. You can break into multifamily investing without huge upfront costs.

Compared to Brad Sumrock’s multifamily programs, Multifamily Kickstart Investing is better organized and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you join the course, learn the strategies, apply them, and still fail to make a deal, contact us for a full refund – we’re sure you won’t have to.